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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Myths about orthodontists

Here is the truth on some common myths about orthodontists

Myth - Any dentist can straighten my teeth.
Truth - An orthodontist is a specialist at straightening teeth with two or three years of additional training after dental school.
They usually see hundreds of orthodontic patients a year where some family dentists may see only a handful.

Myth - Only children wear braces
Truth - Around 20% of orthodontic patients are adults

Myth - You only need to see an orthodontist for very complex cases.
Truth - Orthodontists have wide experience and deal with all types of orthodontic issue. However, their wide experience means they know exactly what to do in the most complex cases.

Myth - Seeing an orthodontist is more expensive than going to a general dentists for orthodontic treatment.
Truth - They are usually doing different work. An orthodontist offers value as  an expert, highly experienced professional with specific training in this field.

Myth - Braces are painful and take years to work
Fact - Like a new pair of shoes, braces are perfectly comfortable after an initial 'breaking in' or adjustment period. Braces can get results after just a few months.

Myth - Braces are ugly and embarrassing in business settings.
Truth - Today braces can be made from clear plastic and can be nearly invisible. They can also be mounted on the back side of the teeth so that they are not visible.

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